Thursday April 22, 2004

Only One

In doing my thesis research, I've come across a legitimate, honest-to-God word with only one Google hit. Now, it's not precisely a googlewhack, because it consists of a single word rather than a pair of words, but it's still pretty cool.

I hope that including the word on this page in a URL but not in the text won't add another ghit (thus ruining my find), so I'm going to do a bit of circumlocuting here. There's a group of words derived from Greek and built up around the root synde, all of which have to do with conjunctions. For example, asyndeton refers to a coordinate construction without any conjunctions. Monosyndeton means "having one conjunction", more or less. Another of the words with this root is asyndesis―it's a noun as well, and I frankly can't tell how it's different in meaning from asyndeton, but no matter. That's three words so far. If you form a fourth from monosyndeton by analogy with asyndeton/asyndesis, you'll get the word that has only been used exactly once on the Internet to date.

In answer to your unasked question, yes, I am this easily amused.

I am The Tensor, and I approve this post.
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