Friday August 27, 2004

Search Strings

My referrer logs these days are an endless stream of hits on this post, which is at this moment the number one Google hit for "1920 x 1200 wallpaper". That's not a bad thing, although the fact that one computer-related post can swamp all my other traffic goes to show you how tiny a corner of the blogosphere linguistics blogs are. In any case, I've been keeping track of other odd search strings that led people to this site.

futuristic clothing (this post is currently number 36)

"heptapod b" (this post is currently number one out of six): Presumably someone looking for information about Ted Chiang's "Story of Your Life", like this next person...

"stories of your life" and others ted chiang pdf (that same post is number one): Buy the book, cheapskate! (the one and only hit): Someone looking for "mongoose", maybe? I don't think there are any distance-learning classes for the language of Mongo...

(Excuse me while I bleep this out) n****r computer geeks (this post is currently number 11): I'm not sure how I feel about this. Blame the commenters.

unicode for x-bar (this post is currently number 7): Hmm, interesting problem. There doesn't appear to be a precomposed x-bar, so the best was is probably to use a trusty old ASCII 'X' (Latin Capital Letter X, hex 0058), followed by a Combining Overline (hex 0305), assuming you have a font that includes that character. It looks like this: .

word that means catchy tune (this post is number one): I think you're looking for earworm.

pictures of simple H-beam bridge (this post is currently number three): Interesting mis-hit on the name of science fiction author H. Beam Piper.

blacked discs+spine (this weekly digest is currently number seven): I can't guess what this person was actually searching for (and in Slovenian, it looks like).

uvula hurts while singing (this post is currently number 13): I'm sorry to hear that. Lozenge?

incoming planet X august 20 2004 (Site Meter didn't record an entry page, and I don't see any posts from this blog in the first few pages of the search. Mysterious!): Was there an end-of-the-world scare last week and I missed it?

Finally, my personal favorite:

preventing telepaths from communicating with you (this weekly digest is number four): My first reaction was confusion, but then I realized that that's exactly what this post is about—and thanks to a recent commenter, it even includes a tune for the song you can use to mask your thoughts. So, more power to you, my tinfoil-hatted Google-searching friend!

[Now playing: "Whisper to a Scream" by Icicle Works]

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