Thursday September 16, 2004

Final Post?

Entangledbank says he's written his FINAL POST, but I'm hoping he's not serious. Don't do it, man! You've got so much to blog for! (But congratulations in any case on completing the Big One.)

I am The Tensor, and I approve this post.
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And Chris of Nephelokokkygia not only quit blogging but took his blog down, allegedly because he wasn't a PhD and thus had no right to be telling people about language. Is it something in the water?

Posted by: language hat at Sep 16, 2004 1:51:41 PM

I'm only just finishing my master's thesis, and I have no problem pretending to understand this stuff. What is it with people?

Posted by: The Tensor at Sep 16, 2004 2:27:42 PM

Surely just because one finishes studying doesn't mean one has nothing left to say. Let your blog evolve.

Tensor, your almost finised your thesis and claim to not know anything. Well, I am just finishing course work this semester and will start work on my thesis over the winter. With every class I take I feel I know less than before...

Posted by: Blinger at Sep 16, 2004 3:30:13 PM