Tuesday October 5, 2004

Beat the Judge

Language Hat (via The Blogbook via Transblawg) posts a list of vocabulary words used by Judge Selya of the First Circuit in his recent decisions. As a linguist and a native speaker of English, I am of course entirely familiar with all the words on the list, and I've posted of a few of the more obscure definitions below. You're welcome.

Algid: A tiny single-celled plantlike organism, a member of the algae family.
Decurtate: To remove the curtains from.
Dehors: To knock off of a horse.
Exigible: A variety of rigid airship related to a dirigible, but inside-out. The passengers and cargo are inside the enclosure, while the lifting gas surrounds it.
Encincture: The state of being in a boy band.
Asseverational: Of or pertaining to the amputation of the buttocks.
Sockdolager: A German beer made by fermenting old socks.
Gallimaufry: The planet Doctor Who is from.

(In fact, I only knew four of the words, more or less.)

I am The Tensor, and I approve this post.
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_Perscrutation_ sounds painful.

Posted by: Angelo at Oct 6, 2004 5:17:17 AM