Friday November 26, 2004

Hank Has a Word Moment

If you haven't been watching the newish Cartoon Network series The Venture Bros., you've been missing out on an excellent mixture of super-science, lantern-jawed secret agents, self-serving venality, adolescent enthusiasm, and disturbing imagery.  Think Johnny Quest meets The Tick.  In a recent episode, Hank, one of the titular brothers, experiences a self-inflicted case of what I referred to in an earlier post as a "word moment of the first kind".

In this scene, Hank is hanging out in the room of Brock Samson, the Venture family's bodyguard (voiced by the inimitable Patrick Warburton), who is doing chin-ups on the bar in his closet.  You can read the transcript below, but you really ought to listen to the audio here.

Hank:  So, what super-cool adventure are we goin' on today?  Should I get my scuba gear?

Brock:  We're not goin' anywhere, your father's workin' on this thing.

Hank:  Scuba!  Scuuuba.  Scuba-scuba-scuba-scuba-scub--  Say scuba.

Brock:  Scuba.

Hank:  Scuba!  It sounds funny.  Scuba!

Brock:  Scuba...yeah, it does.

Hank has managed not only to talk himself into a having a word moment with scuba, but also to infect Brock.  What's more, he's also managed to inflict it on me (scuuuuba...), and so I've done my best to pass it on to you.  Did it work?

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this reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes word moment. Hobbes gets hung up on the word SMOCK and works it into a poem " Don´t knock my smock, or I´ll clean your clock!" Smock...what a nice word. smock smock smock

Posted by: Alistair at Nov 26, 2004 6:29:23 AM

Sorry, nope, didn't work on me this time...

...because I already had that moment watching the show a few days ago!

Posted by: Semantic Compositions at Nov 27, 2004 12:12:21 PM

I seem to be having a perpetual "word moment" with some of my favorites; I'm in love with the fact that Swedish has SIX words for "cuddle", and that their word for "coziness" seems perfectly matched to the feeling it describes. _Mys, mys, mmmmyyyyssss_...

Posted by: Ingeborg S. Nordén at Feb 2, 2005 9:12:04 PM