Wednesday November 10, 2004


Assuming the 2005 LSA meeting in San Francisco actually comes off (there's currently some difficulty involving a labor dispute at the hotel), are any of you who are attending interested in holding a linguistiblogosphere gathering at some point during the conference?  We could get together at a restaurant one evening, for example—that'd give Mark Liberman a chance to make good on the dinner he owes me.  It would be a chance to see the faces that go with the names (and pseudonyms).  I think it will be an interesting crowd if everyone shows up, mixing lowly undergrads, humble grad students like yours truly, and ascended high masters (i.e. tenured professors) like the Language Log contributors.

What say you all?

I am The Tensor, and I approve this post.
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This is a good idea! I'm in, if LSA actually happens, or if thousands of people come through with couch-surfing opportunities.

Posted by: Grant Barrett at Nov 10, 2004 2:33:12 PM

Great idea! I'll be there.

Posted by: Mark Liberman at Nov 10, 2004 3:41:37 PM

Seeing as I've never been to an LSA meeting, and would love to meet some of the bloggers out there, I'd be happy to!

But seeing as this problem has already resulted in my cancelling one trip to SF, I think I'll wait on buying tickets.

Posted by: Semantic Compositions at Nov 10, 2004 5:21:50 PM

Nice idea. I would certainly enjoy the opportunity, and I'm sure that some of my cohort (shameless plug: would also be enthusiastic about the opportunity.

Posted by: Russell at Nov 11, 2004 9:54:51 PM

Sounds like there's enough interest to at least make it worth planning tentatively. I'll keep an eye on the LSA hotel updates and post here when they've decided. Then, based on which one they pick, we can talk about restaurants, dates, and times. If you haven't already, make a post here if you're in, so I can compile a list, and then watch this space.

I suggest Chinese, since I really miss good hot and sour soup.

Posted by: The Tensor at Nov 12, 2004 12:07:12 AM

I'd love to, but I'm not going to the LSA this year (I'm doing the long-distance academic relationship thing and chose seeing my partner instead.. sorry guys, you were jilted for an economist). I'll organise the 2006 one though...

Posted by: Claire/Anggarrgoon at Nov 12, 2004 10:30:25 PM

Count me in. I live in the Bay Area, so it'll be easy for me one way or another ...

Posted by: jim at Nov 17, 2004 7:28:51 AM