Sunday September 4, 2005

Three More Pictures

I promised more posts about our trip to Lisbon, but we got wrapped up in finishing our usual "he said, she said" trip report for friends and family.  Before I actually post more about the trip, though, I wanted to give you three more funny pictures from Portugal.

First is an ad from the side of a bus stop.  It appears to be a condom ad featuring...Sarah Michelle Gellar?  (OK, maybe not.)

Second is another ad, this time for "Crazy Frog".  These signs were everywhere in Lisbon.

My Portuguese is a little shaky, but as best I can make it out the caption says, "Your decadent church has failed to protect you, people of Lisbon.  Now you will bow down and worship Crazy Frog, for I AM YOUR NEW GOD!"  Well, OK, that's not what it says—I think it actually says something about the "craziest disco of the year".  Crazy Frog seems to sell ringtones (and possibly CDs?).

Third and finally, this is a warning sign on the door of the metro (subway) cars.

I again can't help you with the Portuguese caption—Babelfish says, unhelpfully, "skirt nor after does not enter acknowledgment of latch of doors"—but I think the picture makes the consequences for standing in the door when it closes abundantly clear, don't you?  The sign
could use a little punching up, though—maybe red lightning bolts of pain around the poor stick-man's groin and a single tear rolling down his cheek.

OK, enough attempted whimsy.  If you want to see more of our pictures from Portugal, I've uploaded a bunch of them to a Flickr set.  Enjoy.

[Now playing: Some lounge act in the lobby of the Hilton Nagoya]

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Crazy Frog: "Now on sale! The year's craziest disc."

Subway sign: "Do not exit or enter after the door-closing is indicated."

Posted by: Pedro at Sep 4, 2005 10:27:51 AM

welll, Pedro beat me too it. An interesting aside, when I came out to brazil I noticed a sign saying "picapé a venda" and I couldn't for the live of me find out the meaning of 'picapé' ( I was pronouncing it wrong of course.) Until I showed it to a friend as we were passing it, and they fell about laughing. It's actually the Brazilianised word for "Pick-Up" as in pick-up truck.

Posted by: Alistair at Sep 4, 2005 3:30:14 PM

Actually, that last sign can have one of two meanings: either it tells you you're near the place where Martim Moniz, in an attempt to take the city from the moors, pinched his own body in one of the city doors, thus preventing the latter from closing them; or "not skirt nor between after warning Germany closing Germany doors".

The rumour that it means “Do not exit or enter after the door-closing is indicated” is completely false, but only for non-portuguese speakers.

The Crazy Frog ordered me to write this comment.

Posted by: jb at Sep 10, 2005 9:30:28 AM

Bah, I can't believe I translated "disco" as "disco" instead of disk. They're not even pronounced the same! Sigh.

Posted by: The Tensor at Sep 17, 2005 5:44:02 PM