Monday December 5, 2005

We're Tops in Secret Plans

Tales from the Referrer Log: thanks to a post I made a few weeks ago, this blog is now the number eight Google search for top secret plans, and the number one search for the string "top secret plans".  I've never been prouder.

Hey, guys?  I think the search results ranking algorithm might need some tweaking.  I'm just saying.

I am The Tensor, and I approve this post.
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It's a weird weird Google world out there.

About a year ago, one blog linked to SpecGram with the word sociopathological, and for months after that SpecGram was the top Google result for that word.. now it is the very last one (#267 after duplicates are removed).

You've stumbled (or been pushed) into an odd little corner of their algorithm--congratulations.

Posted by: Trey at Dec 6, 2005 7:20:47 AM

Real top secret plans don't want to be found on Google.

Posted by: Q. Pheevr at Dec 6, 2005 12:58:21 PM