Tuesday January 3, 2006

Current Top 25

I was patient.  I didn't like the idea of carrying around a hard drive in my pocket—think of the angular momentum, man!—so I waited until the no-moving-parts iPods had enough storage capacity to hold all my MP3s, then, a few months ago, bought a 4GB Nano.  (Whose oh-so-scratchable face is protected by this tremendously cool decal.)  I'm a pretty satisfied customer, although it seems to require somewhat frequent resets—sometimes I hit "play" and it plays but doesn't produce any sound.  I can live with that—heck, I put up with DOS for ten years.

In any case, after the jump you'll find my current "Top 25 Most Played" playlist from iTunes.  Note that iTunes does the right thing when accumulating play counts: it increments the count when a song finishes playing, not when it starts, so that over time the top 25 really does reflect what songs you like, rather that what songs the shuffler has chosen fractionally more often.

Without further ado, then, here's the list (sorted by artist):

"The Boys Of Summer" by The Ataris
"One Day" by Björk
"Call Me" by Blondie
"The Distance" by Cake
"My Favorite Game (acoustic)" by The Cardigans
"Never Recover" by The Cardigans
"Working with Fire and Steel" by China Crisis
"London" by Cinerama
"High Monkey Monk" by Cocteau Twins
"Watchlar" by Cocteau Twins
"The Affiliated" by The Dukes Of Stratosphear
"Stutter" by Elastica
"Oliver's Army" by Elvis Costello & The Attractions
"The Ballad of Serenity" from Firefly
"This Fire" by Franz Ferdinand
"Labour of Love" by Frente!
"Bizarre Love Triangle" by Frente!
"Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz
"Somebody Told Me" by The Killers
"Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5
"Synchronicity II" by The Police
"Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service
"Walking with a Ghost" by Tegan and Sara
"Speak Slow" by Tegan and Sara
"Blue Orchid" by The White Stripes

It's an interesting collection of recent-and-popular songs (Gorillaz, The Killers, Teagan and Sara) and old-and-obscure songs (China Crisis, The Dukes, and Cinerama's Smiths cover).  Impressively, I think the songs on the list older than a couple of years really are a good estimate of my all-time favorite songs, at least among those that I have in iTunes.  I can listen to "Synchronicity II", "The Affiliated", and "The Distance" over and over again and not get tired of them.

Which reminds me.  I can't find it with Google, but floating around on the 'net there's a fantastic video for Cake's song "The Distance" made up of clips from Macross Plus.  It's perfect in every detail, especially if you know the plot of the anime.

[Now playing: "They" by Jem—strangely, not on the list]

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