Monday January 9, 2006

LSA Summer Meeting 2006

There was an announcement before the Presidential address at last weekend's LSA meeting that caught my attention.  As mentioned here, this summer the LSA is going to have another meeting (i.e. conference) instead of the usual Summer Institute, and this will be true in alternating years from now on.  Better, the summer meetings will focus on student rather than faculty presentations.  This summer's meeting is going to be in Lansing, Michigan, and what's more, the NSF grant mentioned on the Summer Meeting web page has come through and they expect to be able to offer funding for all student presenters' travel and lodging.  Cha-ching!

I don't see an abstract submission deadline on the (new! improved!) LSA web site yet, but if you're interested you should start crafting your abstract now; I expect it will be soon.  The announced workshops on getting published and getting a job sound interesting, too, to say the least.

I complained in a previous post that I wished I'd gotten my rear in gear and submitted an abstract for the just-ended LSA 2006 conference, so I guess this is my chance to get organized and rectify the error.  Hmm, what to submit...  How about this: I wrote a paper for a statistical language processing class last year that described a project in which I used mutual information to try to detect phonesthemes in English using a dictionary as a corpus.  (Brief summary: it works, though the method wasn't fully automatic.)  That topic might be just the right size for a talk at the Summer Meeting.  I'll have to dig it out and clean it up.

(Oops, I just remembered that I recently deferred jury duty to June 12th.  Hopefully I won't get chosen for an eight-month murder trial.  Purple hair, don't fail me now...)

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