Monday January 2, 2006

Mountain Surmounted

I don't do New Year's resolutions—I have enough deadlines and unfinished projects already, thanks—but if I did then my first one for this year would definitely have been to do my backed-up school-related filing.  In a fit of industry, I've gone ahead and done it anyway.  I collected the various piles of documents from around the house, put them into one big pile, and started categorizing, stacking, and labeling.  Two and a half hours later, the deed is done.

Here's a brief catalog of the subjects that got filed, including handouts and returned papers from as far back as Fall quarter 2004 (!).  In roughly chronological order:

Computational Morphology
Japanese Semantics
LSA 2005
Introduction to HPSG
Typology and Generative Syntax
Statistical Natural Language Processing
Introduction to Optimality Theory
HPSG 2005
Introduction to English Grammar (that's the class I TA'd)
History of Linguistics
Deep Processing (Computational Linguistics)
Language Universals

On top of all that, there were handouts for a year of colloquia, papers from various roundtable meetings, and a three-inch stack of extra unused handouts for the English grammar class.  The combined stack was probably twelve inches high before I started.

And boy, are my arms tired!  Note to myself: stay on top of filing in the future.

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Way back when I had an accumulations of months and months (the infamous Pile on the File), I tackled it by turning it over, so the oldest stuff was on top. It's amazing what I could throw away!

Posted by: Patricia Mathews at Jan 3, 2006 6:39:16 AM