Tuesday January 17, 2006

This I Believe(d) #7

As a kid, I believed that the chorus to the Archies song "Sugar, Sugar" went:

Oh, honey, honey
You are my kin, girl
And you've got me wanting you

In my defense, I didn't know what kin meant at the time—it was just that word that went with kith, which I also didn't know the meaning of.

As long as I'm dealing in mondegreens, here's one more.  I thought the chorus in the Deep Purple song "Smoke on the Water" went:

Smoke under water
The fire in disguise

Again I feel the need to defend myself.  Notice, if you will, that my version actually makes more sense than the <airquotes>correct</airquotes> lyrics.  Smoke under water would be hidden, after all, and that's a lot like being in disguise, right?  A fire in the sky, on the other hand, should produce smoke in the sky, not on the water as the song implies.  That's crazy talk.  I'll bet Deep Purple were a little too familiar with smoke, if you take my meaning...

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A girl I went to school with thought Enya was singing:

"Save the whale, save the whale, save the whale"

Posted by: Steve at Jan 19, 2006 6:40:03 PM

I just heard another one on the radio today: "Medieval Woman" by ELO. I won't attempt to defend that interpretation—I don't know how I inferred a whole 'nother syllable in front of "evil".

Posted by: The Tensor at Jan 20, 2006 12:28:33 AM

Karaoke can be quite enlightening in this respect... you're reading the lyrics, going "no way are those right..."
I talked about a few songs that, like you, I was sure I had right

Posted by: eric "babe" morse at Jan 20, 2006 11:48:38 AM