Saturday January 14, 2006

Two Logos

The other day, as we were driving home, I saw two signs that jiggled something in the free-associative section of my brain.  In both cases, the logo on the sign reminded me of something apparently unrelated, but interesting.

The first was the logo for the movie BloodRayne (warning: flash animation).  Notice that cross that bisects the double O in the name (gee, I wonder what those are supposed to represent)?  The question is, why a patriarchal cross?  The main character of the movie—which is based on a video game, always a mark of quality—is apparently a half-vampire who fights supernatural creatures.  Is she supposed to be Eastern Orthodox or something?  Also, if you're going to make an ultraviolent action movie based on a video game called BloodRayne, why not just go all the way and make a big-screen version of Bonestorm?

The second logo was the one for Super Supplements, one of those retail chains that sells vitamins, non-FDA approved herbal snake oil, organic steroid substitutes, and other healthy goodness.  The logo is a large red letter S held up by a man with both his arms raised over his head.  Not just any man, though—he looks to me like the man from the Burning Man logo.  So, does this mean that The Man has been co-opted by The Man?  I'm so confused...

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