Saturday February 25, 2006

Looking Backward: 2006

As I mentioned around this time last year, I'm not exactly sure of this blog's date of birth because I posted for a week or two before opening it to the public.  However, it was definitely before February 16th, 2004, because that's the date on the first comment and the first trackback.  That makes two years and counting, which I find hard to believe but gratifying.

Chiara's recently misfortune in the Diary-X meltdown spurred me to finally back up all my old posts, which gives me the opportunity to again generate some vanity statistics.  When I import everything, stripping out everything but the text of the posts, into a single large Word document, it's 219,597 words and 548 single-spaced pages long.  That's more than five minimum-sized novels (as defined by the SFWA).  Yipes!  It's also more than twice as long as it was last year—my nattering appears to be accelerating.

The Gender Genie is on hiatus, so I can't feed it the text to repeat last year's experiment and see if I'm still linguistically male.  The free Flesh program tells me that the text's Flesch-Kinkaid Grade Level is 9.51 and its Flesch Reading Ease Score is 57.56 (out of 100), with an average of 1.55 syllables per word.  It contains 15,270 distinct words, of which the ten most common non-function words and their counts are:

word (569)
like (564)
language (449)
think (394)
English (284)
know (278)
say (250)
sound (249)
people (246)
really (214)

Sounds like a language blog to me.  I think I'll adopt this list as my new slogan:

Word like language!  Think English!  Know, say, sound people...really!

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Interesting program - I ran my own blog after backing up, something I've been putting off for ages. Anyhow I have 167,917 words which is 390 single space pages 12pt arial.

According to flesh I have 8219 sentences, 52,970 words, and 81515 syllables with a average syllable per word of 1.53

Posted by: EFL Geek at Feb 25, 2006 4:44:16 AM

1.55 syllaba per word seemsa strange... but me guessa those halfsas add up. Meesa hope'in sosa.

Posted by: J.J. Binks at Mar 1, 2006 10:22:02 AM