Friday May 26, 2006

Nostalgia from the Ashes

In a previous post inspired by watching old music videos on YouTube, in which I called it "nostalgia crack", I was talking about the surprisingly intense memories dredged up by little snippets of old TV.  YouTube has another related use, though: finally getting to see stuff that would have interested you back in the day, but that you had no access to because you lived in a pre-Internet, pre-Google dark age.  After the jump, I've included four examples I've come across so far.

First, an interview with Talking Heads singer David Byrne, conducted by David Byrne himself in a rotating series of disguises.  Capsule summary: "I'll tell you later":

Next, a short music video for the "Devo Corporate Anthem".  I wish more videos were like this.  Capsule summary:  Run it up the flagpole:

The last two videos are both TV commercials.  The first is the classic Devo commercial for Honda scooters.  Capsule summary: "Always wear your helmet":

Last, but certainly not least, we have an Oingo Boingo commercial for Budweiser.  Capsule summary: This B-17's for you:

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