Wednesday October 11, 2006


The Wife just sent me this email:

donner kebab, and Battlestar Galactica. Tonight. Awwww, yeah.

To which I replied (hyperlinks added for clarity):

If you mean döner kebab, I'm in.  If you mean Donner don't think I'm into that.

And she didn't get it!  Arrrrggggghhhhh!  It's hard to be sure, but I think that may be the funniest thing I've ever written.  I mean, how often does a setup like that come along?  Once a decade?  And I was there—I was all over it—but, alas, it was all for nothing without an appreciative audience.

Heavy sigh.

P.S.  We're in Leipzig.  Capsule review: everything here is all...German.

I am The Tensor, and I approve this post.
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"Donner, party of four..."

Hey, I thought it was funny. And now with twice the irony, as donner is actually one of the alternate spellings from your Wikipedia link.

Now I'm all hungry...

Posted by: magista at Oct 11, 2006 8:46:29 AM

And here I was thinking about an unfortunate reindeer -- On Donner! On Blitzen! What would you like on Donner? Hot sauce? Tzatziki?

:) hh

Posted by: hh at Oct 11, 2006 8:58:25 AM

Brilliant. Don't worry, though. You don't get to pick your audience.

Posted by: komfo,amonan at Oct 11, 2006 10:47:15 AM

Bwa-hahahahaha! I laughed!

Posted by: Dorothea at Oct 11, 2006 2:54:07 PM

I found it quite amusing as well.

I wonder if there is a word/term for that. When you tell a wonderful joke and the audience does not get it.

Posted by: at Oct 21, 2006 6:31:47 PM

Donnnerfortu? Nein, you are becoming inreasingly
wickipaedic young man; it just wont do.

Posted by: anglofone at Oct 23, 2006 1:02:21 PM

Brilliant! I was raised to jump all over pun opportunities like that, and I am very sad *I* didn't get to say it.

I've been trying to think of a word for the gap between a joke and its audience for the anonymous commenter up there, but the closest I can come is "sarchasm: the distance between the meaning of a sarcastic statement and the person who does not get it." An excellent word, but not quite right.

Posted by: Dana at Nov 1, 2006 12:35:04 PM

then maybe u should try a little bit more to make people laugh to your little jokes iight donner if that's your real name so by

Posted by: Alehandro at Dec 24, 2006 9:30:33 AM

me love u

Posted by: caca at Dec 24, 2006 9:31:57 AM