Friday January 5, 2007

LSA Gathering: The Plan

OK, several people showed up to hang out at The Spot on Thursday night.  Beforehand, we left the hotel to eat dinner, and from what I could see along the way, there don't seem to be many nearby restaurants, just more hotels.  After some circling, we ended up eating at Catel in Downtown Disney, which wasn't much cheaper than the hotel restaurants.  (Tasty, though.)

Rather than risking a long walk on Friday, let's meet at 5:00 sharp in the lobby of the hotel right at the entrance to "The Avenue"—that's the corridor with all the restaurants along it on the first floor.  Look for me—I'll be wearing a black blazer and a gray shirt, carrying a black leather backpack, and wearing my name tag.  (You can look my name up in your program—I gave the talk about phonesthemes in Thursday's "Modelling [sic] Phonological Learning" session.)  If somebody (one of the locals?) knows of a convenient place nearby, we'll head there promptly at 5:05; otherwise, the Avenue has a bar for those who just want a drink and a couple of places to eat for those who want food.

See you at 5!

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I didn't see anything except a steak house and an IHOP when I went to get lunch yesterday. I ended up at a bad Chinese restaurant next to Subway. I'd vote for the hotel, unfortunately.

Posted by: Claire at Jan 5, 2007 7:19:36 AM

How strange--I only see the one "l" in "Modeling" in the program. (Sorry, carry on.)

Posted by: Lance at Jan 6, 2007 5:03:18 PM