Thursday January 4, 2007

LSA Update

It's on!  I'm at the Anaheim Hilton, and it's absolutely crawling with linguists.  As promised, I've checked out the various bars and restaurants.  The Avenue Bar looks like a good place for The Linguistics Blogger Spot—specifically, the back-right corner as you're facing the bar (the southwest corner, if I'm not turned around).  I'll be down there later tonight—look for the guy without the purple hair (though it's grown out a bit), wearing all black, looking relieved because his talk went smoothly earlier (thanks for asking), either using a laptop or reading, drinking a Shirley Temple.

Both the Italian and Japanese (sushi) restaurants look reasonably tasty, but the prices are pretty high, geared for Disneyland tourists.  This may argue for having the Friday get-together at the bar as well.  I'll do a little research on local restaurants and bars and see if anything is nearby—the area around the hotel looks pretty spread out, and we don't want to have to walk too far between sessions.

I am The Tensor, and I approve this post.
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