Tuesday January 23, 2007

Magma Taishi

"Ambassador Magma, a giant hero who transformed into a rocket, was the first giant tokusatsu hero on television, beating Ultraman to the air by less than two weeks.  In the US dub, Space Giants, the hero was known as 'Goldar,' which was also the Power Rangers name for Grifforzar of Zyuranger (1992)."  (via)

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When I was growing up, I remember watching Ultraman and Space Giants on the Captain Cosmic show on Channel 2 Oakland.

Posted by: Christian Johnson at Jan 23, 2007 3:55:23 PM

I find it quite bizarre that Magma Taishi predated Ultraman on Japanese TV, since they were ordered the other way here - with about a decade in between.
One thing that always bothered me about "Space Giants" was the fact that Gam looked absolutely nothing like Miko even though he was supposedly a robotic duplicate of him. Surely they could have found two boys who looked more alike? At least approximately the same height? :)

Posted by: Mark Reed at Jan 24, 2007 7:15:45 AM

Wow. I...I think I understand the syntax of the sentences, I know what many of the words mean, but...I may have to start using this in class as an example of the independence of syntax and semantics.

Posted by: Lance at Jan 24, 2007 4:39:54 PM

what do the words magma taishi mean ?

Posted by: joe at Mar 21, 2007 7:26:07 PM

Magma means magma - which is basically lava before it comes out of the volcano. I'm guessing Taishi means "ambassador".

Posted by: at Mar 22, 2007 10:27:57 AM