Saturday August 11, 2007

Two Minutes Musketeers?

Submitted for your consideration:

Exhibit A:  A photo of Xavier University fans (pardon me: X-Treme Fans):

Exhibit B:  A clip of the Two Minutes Hate from the 1984 film Nineteen Eighty-Four (watch particularly at 1:47, 2:24, 3:45, and 4:04):

Note the distinctive two-wrists-crossed-overhead gesture.  Coincidence?  Yes—that's what coincidence is.  The Xavier fans are forming an X, while I suspect that the gesture in the film is meant to refer to one of Orwell's famous fictional slogans of Ingsoc, "Freedom is Slavery".

But it's still kind of funny.  [hat tip: Michael Sheehan]

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There are no coincidences.

Posted by: includedmiddle at Aug 13, 2007 8:55:10 AM

But it's different - the 1984ers don't have their index fingers sticking out.

Posted by: Claire at Aug 13, 2007 1:22:45 PM

There's also these scenes from Pink Floyd The Wall the movie (1982) during the songs In the Flesh and Run Like Hell.

Posted by: zmjezhd at Aug 19, 2007 8:25:16 AM

To me, it looks more like they're about to combine their powers into a force beam intended to knock the Zarqrx mothercraft out of orbit.

Posted by: Matt at Aug 20, 2007 6:13:06 PM