Monday June 16, 2008

So Smooth

"It's so smooth.  It's like a future machine, but it's not."   - Actress Laura Harris, plugging Honda's new hydrogen fuel cell car, after having been flown to Japan for the rollout ceremony.  Well said, Actress Laura Harris, well said indeed—I'm sure Honda's not regretting the price of your plane ticket now.

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And this was unexpected, how? Intelligent thought and acting don't always mesh well, and that's been a forever given, ask Louise Brooks - maybe Ms. Harris works best with lots of direction and a scripted reality; Honda shoulda figured that into the price of the ticket, or at least super-glued her lips together, as I'm sure she was expected to be eye-candy only.

Posted by: Vanwall at Jun 18, 2008 8:37:24 AM