Who am I?

I'm a graduate student in Linguistics, having recently completed my MA and currently working towards my Ph.D. My undergraduate degree was in Computer Science, so my focus is computational linguistics, but I'm also interested in syntax, typology, psycholinguistics, and, um, everything else. Clearly, some focus is required.

In addition to my native English, I'm also moderately competent in Japanese, having finished the third-year classes. The good news is that I'm fairly fluent when my vocabulary doesn't fail me. The bad news is that I'm functionally illiterate, even after having taken a quarter-long Japanese reading class. Besides Japanese, I studied Latin for three years in high school, and I even remember some of it—mostly grammar, oddly enough. I've taken two quarters of French, which qualifies me to say "La plume est sur la table", make elementary liaison mistakes, and pass my foreign language reading requirement (yes!). I also know a tiny bit of Western Armenian, but only through self-study from reference books, so I can't claim either to speak or to understand it.

What's this blog about?

Languages and Linguistics,
Japanese and Japanese Animation,
Science and Science Fiction,
Comedy and Comic Books...

(In various combinations, and not necessarily in that order.)

Basically, I spend a lot of time yammering at my wife about things that don't interest her—she's been cultivating a very realistic expression of glazed disinterest that she pulls when I go on (and on...) about, for example, the problem of maintaining continuity in long-running multi-author works like comic books and television shows. It's taken several years, but I've finally taken the hint, so I plan to write about that stuff here. It should be good practice in putting words together in the right order, and that ought to come in handy when I write my dissertation...